STEPP-India is an initiative of Khel Foundation and Gamatics to support grass-root sports talents of India. Tech-enabled STEPP-India project is designed to identify grassroot sports talents across the nation and bring them to the mainstream.

STEPP-India is designed uniquely to transform Indian sports ecosystem by strengthening grassroot sports. The platform provides equal opportunity to 70+ million kids who play sports at different levels and different conditions to showcase their achievements. The program is focused on creating a supportive environment for all types of talents to continue to play sports, excel in it and reap the benefits of playing sports. The program creatively engages local community members, private and government sector support to provides long-lasting, impactful support system for sports talents, coaches at grass-root level.


STEPP-Karnataka was our first pilot program to identify the grass-root sports talents, coaches of Karnataka. The program also acknowledged the contribution of educational institutes and sports clubs who are playing major role in strengthening the sports at grass-root level.

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STEPP-India is an extension of STEPP-Karnataka, which will focus on covering the entire nation under this program.

Introduction of the program

The problem areas of Indian Sports:

  • Only international winners get support and sponsorship. We support players to celebrate their success instead of supporting them to prepare the wins.
  • We have 70+million playing sports who are below 14 years old, but only 10+ thousand after age 18. One can see the drastic drop in the numbers playing sports which is the peak period for sports excellence.
  • State sports bodies have information about state-level participants and national bodies have national level participant details, leaving out a huge gap in the information about grass-root sports.
  • Most of our existing sports supporting programs focus on making national players to international, leaving out grass-root sports talents completely neglected.
  • We award and reward only national level coaches. Though grass-root coaches play a major role in strengthening sports at grassroot level, Grassroot/Age group coaches are completely neglected.
  • Educational institutes play a major role in promoting sports. Without their support, many talents drop out of sports due to academic pressure. There is no acknowledgment and appreciation of their effort for the schools who actively promote sports.
  • Many of the Indian sports clubs lack good infrastructure and facilities. Still, they give their best to produce state and national level sports talents. There are only a few clubs who are world-class and club infrastructure at all level needs upliftment.
  • Sports sponsorship in India is poor due to 3T problems.
    -Talent identification: It is not easy to find the right talents due to lack of structured and unified data about their performances making the complete process porous.
    -Tracking the talent: Seeking the report on performance of the sponsored athletes is a tedious job. So one has to wait till at least one major event to see the result of the sponsorship.
    -Transparency in the transaction: The sponsorship transactions lack transparency and it is a tedious job for the sponsor to validate his/her investment in the system.


Objective of STEPP-India:

STEPP-India is focused to make young kids of India play sports proudly and beyond 14 years of age! Under this program, talents from every corner of the nation will be scouted. The support system will be built around the talents and coaches. Strengthening sports at school level and uplifting the sports clubs' infrastructure will be taken up under various projects of STEPP-India.


The primary objectives of STEPP-India are:

  • Identify the sports talents who play sports at different level (School, Panchayat, Taluka, District, State, Zonal, National, International) based on their performance at various competitions they have participated in.
  • Support the talents, coaches, educational institutes, sports clubs – the four pillars of sports at grassroot level.

Phases of the project:


Phase 1:
Collection of information about sports talents across the nation:

STEPP-India uses technology platform to record and identify the sports talents. Sports talents or parents/coaches/well-wishers of sports talents can upload the sports-specific achievements of the talents using the Android App ( The performance data is analysed to identify the talents based on various parameters.

Phase 2:
Identifying top sports talents based on different parameters:

Talents will be identified based on following paramenters.

  • Geography: Top talents will be identified district, state and national wise.
  • Age: There will be a talent list per age group as well (as defined by each sports federations)
  • Sports: Each sport performance data will be analysed and sports-wise talent list will be published.
  • Gender: Gender plays a major role while analyzing the absolute performance. The talents will be identified for each of the genders. (Female, make, Others)

Phase 3:
Award function to facilitate winners in each state and one at the national level

There will be state level award function to facilitate the top sports talents, top coaches, sports supporting educational institutes, top sports clubs. There will be one national level award function to facilitate national level sports talents.

Phase 4:
Roll out various scholarship/sponsorship to the talents based on their performances.

Khel Foundation will work with volunteers and communities to enable the support for the identified sports talents and sports projects. The team will also work with private and government sector organizations to enable the support for these talents, under CSR and marketing/branding budget.

Features of STEPP-India:

  • Technology-enabled; data-driven program which can be participated by people from the remotest part of India without any additional cost.
  • Not only the medals/positions but also the legit performance details are considered for identifying the talents.
  • Talents are identified considering the performance curve, consistency of the performance and frequency of participation instead of just one yearly event to identify top talents.
  • Performance of coaches, educational institutes and sports clubs are tied to the performance of the sports talents they are supporting/training and thus becomes the most transparent platform these entities can rely to get recognized based on their contribution.
  • The platform gives complete control to the sports talents themselves to showcase their achievements and promotes performance-based incentive in the ecosystem.

How to Apply:

  • Download the android app from and create your profile by providing basic information about you.
  • Upload all your sports achievements using the app and keep updating your performances.

  • Note: STEPP-India is a monthly process and if you want your achievements to be considered for monthly talent program, please update all your achievements by 10th of every month. If you win any medal between 10th and the last day of the month, your achievements will be considered for the next month.