Internship / Volunteering Opportunities

Do you know how many people play sports in India?

 Below Age 14: 70 million+!

Above Age 18: Only thousands!

 The negligence towards supporting and guiding the grass root talent is one of the root causes of the dropouts and our poor performances at international podiums.We hardly support any sports talents to achieve excellence, but provide lot of sponsorship and support once they achieve success on their own!

 Gamatics and Khel Foundation believe that we can change the complete ecosystem of Sports in India by providing the right platform for grass root talents to showcase their performances and seek support based on their achievements.With this vision in mind, Gamatics and Khel foundations have rolled out flagship program “STEPP-India” –Sports Talent Exploration and Promotion Program.

Our focus is to

  • -Identify the sports talents from every corner of India and bring them to the mainstream
  • -Enable the suitable support for them based on their performances

We are keen to work with student volunteers in each district to identify the local talents and build community support.

Each student volunteer will be provided with following benefits under STEPP-India program:

  • - A real-time working environment to hone communication and influencing skills.
  • - Internship certificate mentioning timeline and details of contribution.
  • - Opportunity to get hired by Gamatics or Khel Foundation
  • - Opportunity to make a difference in a sports talent life and making India superpower in sports

Your next step:

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