STEPP-India Volunteering - Phase 1

Are you keen to see India becoming a superpower in Sports?
Would you like to join the mission of uplifting the sports ecosystem at grass root level?


Do you know how many people play sports in India?
Below Age 14: 70 million+!
Above Age 18: Only thousands!

Study shows that the dropout/underperformance at the international level is due to lack of support and guidance at the grass-root level. Isn't supporting them at the beginning can do more wonders than doing it once they achieve success?
We, Khel foundation and Gamatics have a firm belief that by providing the right platform to young grass root talents can bring the paradigm shift not only in excelling in sports but also in the mindset of people choosing sports as a career option. With this vision, after successful completion of STEPP-Karnataka 2018, we are launching STEPP-India program, by stepping up our effort to identify the grass-root talents from every corner of India, bring them to mainstream and enable them with the right support. We are promising a complete transparent program, as the whole program is technology-driven!

Our focus is to
-Identify the sports talents from every corner of India and bring them to the mainstream
-Enable the suitable support for them based on their performances

We are super thrilled to know your interest in STEPP-India program. Let us all join hands and complete the big task ahead of us. Thank you for your unconditional support you are willing to extend!
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