Services We Provide ...

Are well planned and impactful focused on transforming sports ecosystem

Making People Adopt Sports

Educate about the benefits of sports, popularize the sports, enabling the adoption of sports through good coaches, facilities and support system.

Training and Empowering Coaches

Train community coaches, empower coaches with various training and opportunities

Enabling Equal Participation in Events/Competitions

Conducting more events for everyone to showcase their talents and support the underprivileged to participate in these events.

Talent Identification

Identify the talents at all age, gender, geography and build a strong talent pool in each sport

Supporting the Talents

Provide holistic 360-degree support by engaging the domain experts for continuously improved performance

Building Sports Communities

Build, strengthen and empower local sports communities to strengthen the sports at a grass-root level

As minimum as

1000 Rs

As Max as

25 Crore Rs (*may get updated periodically)